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As a private label centered manufacturer, we pride ourselves on making your brand successful by producing the best tasting product with your label on the bottle. Whether you're using one of our best-selling formulas or a formula you have dreamed up for your brand, we can make it happen.

We make concentrates with cane sugar, corn sweetener, and artificial sweetener, depending on your preference. We also have products that rely only on the natural sweetness of fruit and contain no added sugar. Our juices and frozen mixes are available in a range of juice contents, from 5% to 100%. We also produce products that contain added calcium and/or vitamins.

Our products can be packed in bottles or in Bag-In-Box. All of our products are shelf stable for at least one year, and some are stable for much longer.

As we are a gluten-free and nut-free facility, we are aware of food allergies and sensitivities. We offer many products that are soy free, gluten free, nut free, non-dairy, and ethical choices such as vegan, nonGMO, Fair Trade.

Our products are currently in locations nationally and globally, including: restaurants, hotels, resorts, bars, tiki/beach bars, night clubs, lounges, hotels, casinos, Daiquiri Shops, school systems, day care facilities, day camps, cafeterias, fitness centers, convenience stores, bodegas, nursing homes, cafes, and on retail shelves!

You may also order our products under our own respected labels: 

Tropical Sensations  (Juices, Drinks, Soda, Frozen) 

La Spezzia  (Coffee Syrups)

Evans  (Ice Cream Toppings and Syrups)

What can we make for you? Call us today and let's talk!

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